Chapter 537

Duncan placed a hand on the woman’s head as he closed his eyes. The Watson family was devastated. They had not received reports of anything odd from the hospital. It was essentially confirmed that Kai was dead. To prevent things from going awry, they instructed several of their men to keep an eye on Kai until his body was sent to the crematorium. … At the Zell family's home, Dylan Morkov and Grant Zell were in the midst of a pleasant conversation. “Oh, that’s right. Has Ben joined the National Martial Bureau yet?” Grant recalled Dylan had a grandson named Bennett Morkov. The young man had always been good-looking. He was probably one of Capiton’s most handsome young talents now. His granddaughter was graduating from university soon, so it was almost time for her to begin considering marriage. Dylan said disappointedly, “That little bastard is not interested in martial arts… He started a business of his own after graduating from university, and he’s running his comp

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