Chapter 538

The voice came from outside. However, Nash was already standing in the middle of the living room. His black tuxedo was not even wrinkled. A shocked look appeared on Fred’s face. “Nash Calcraft… how dare you trespass onto private property?!” Nash did not even spare Fred a glance, choosing to give Grant a nonchalant glance instead. Grant could not help but shudder. How had he gotten in? Had Dylan not said he would not be able to get in? “You’re Nash Calcraft?” Dylan narrowed his eyes. He looked calm on the outside, but waves of emotion were crashing through him at that very moment! Half-step to the Mystique Loyalty Realm! The aura of half-step to the Mystique Loyalty Realm was emanating from his body. However, he seemed to only be in his early twenties! How was that possible? More importantly, eight of Dylan's men had been stationed outside the mansion. Six of them were stage nine great-grandmasters while the remaining two had achieved the Mystique Loyalty Realm.

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