Chapter 540

A terrified look immediately appeared on Dylan’s face when he heard that. “You’re the one who sent out the Heavenly Martial Arts Order in Jonford?” The National Martial Bureau was filled with experts. However, the Heavenly Martial Arts Order could summon all the experts and great-grandmasters in the world. It was so powerful that even the National Martial Bureau would need to go into hiding. Nash smiled without saying anything. In a way, he was admitting to it. Dylan did not even suspect him. Not only was Nash Johnathan Calcraft’s disciple, but he also possessed a terrifying amount of power. It was not surprising he could send out Heavenly Martial Arts Orders. Greg turned to Sydney as he said stiffly, “Take the Antarctic Lotus from my room!” He got to his feet slowly. It was as if he had aged ten years in an instant. Fred’s heart ached as he made his way toward his father. “Dad…” “I’m alright…” Greg waved a hand but fell to his knees when he tried taking a step

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