Chapter 541

Once he cultivated some medicinal pills that could restore True Energy, dealing with The Swordsman should not be too difficult. “Nash... if you can kill The Swordsman, I’m willing to offer you this Antarctic Lotus without any hesitation! “But if you fail to kill The Swordsman within ten days, I’ll fight you to the death, along with my entire family—unless you wipe out the entire Zells!” With the support of his son, Fred, Grant slowly got up. He had briefly lost consciousness earlier, but his mind remained clear, absorbing every word Nash had said. Sydney came downstairs with a box containing the Antarctic Lotus and handed it to Nash. She asked in a low voice, “Nash, do you know who The Swordsman is?” He was the enemy who had killed her grandmother, so she was well aware of his formidable strength. Sending Nash to kill The Swordsman seemed like sending him to his death. What surprised her most was that Nash had actually agreed to it! Nash accepted the wooden box and opened it,

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