Chapter 543

Hera smiled and said, “This is Dr. Tanner’s granddaughter; she’s not a stranger.” “Where’s Nash? Where did he go at such a late hour?" Melody was not one to speak unnecessarily. She treated unfamiliar people as outsiders unless Nash personally acknowledged them as allies. “He went to the Zells' to get medicinal herbs,” Mireille carefully looked at the elegant woman before her. Who was she? Could the Great-grandmaster have two women by his side? Melody walked down the stairs, and there was the sound of car brakes coming from outside. Nash entered the villa holding a box and looked at Melody. “Did you bring him over?” Melody glanced at Mireille and then nodded. “Ms. Tanner, it’s getting late. You should rest for the night.” “Ken, you can take Ms. Tanner back.” Nash’s tone was urgent. He had already wasted a lot of time and needed to cherish every moment. Mireille felt a bit uncomfortable when her great-grandmaster gave a direct order to send her away. She was the grandda

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