Chapter 544

“Mr. Nash... Kai is also coughing up blood!” Melody furrowed her brows at this moment. Nash turned to look, raising his left hand into a claw-like shape and lifting it upward. 14 long and short Seven Star needles left Kai’s trigger points. Then, the seven long needles and seven short needles switched positions. “Mr. Nash... Finn is convulsing.” Ken nervously observed Finn, who was trembling all over. Nash turned to Finn again. The 24 serpentine golden needles emitted a brilliant golden light and began to rotate. Melody and Ken were filled with awe. It was probably only Nash who could simultaneously provide dry needling treatment to two near-death patients. However, this seemingly simple task made Nash break out in a cold sweat. He had to multitask, splitting his true energy into two and then dividing each stream of true energy into the needles. This was essential for controlling all the needles precisely while changing their positions. Nash took a deep breath and pressed

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