Chapter 545

“Never mind, I shouldn’t question your methods!” Melody suddenly felt that her doubts were unnecessary. Nash’s medical skills had always been beyond her imagination. “When you left the hospital, did you notice anything unusual?” Nash extended his hands with two threads attached, sensing the stable pulses of both patients while continuing to weigh the medicine. “I saw a suspicious van at the hospital’s back door. The people in the car probably didn’t notice me. Also... Tonight, two people tried to steal Kai’s body from the morgue, but the security guards subdued them. I wasn’t exposed.” Melody recounted her actions tonight, her tone tinged with pride. She seemed to be hinting that Nash should praise her. “This guy is indeed cautious enough. “Fortunately, I’m one step ahead of him!” Nash’s lips curled up slightly. Melody did not get the response she wanted. Seeing Nash’s intention, she realized she had to praise his cleverness instead. Well, she was not about to indulge him! N

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