Chapter 546

She remembered that when Nash took this small brass cauldron, he said to the King of Medicine that he was taking the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron to help the world. She had initially thought Nash was just bluffing. Now it seemed... This thing really was the legendary Divine Farmer’s Cauldron. Unicorn blood! Divine Farmer’s Cauldron! It was truly overturning her own understanding! “You look like someone who hasn’t seen much of the world!” Nash casually glanced at Melody. “Stick with me... There’s a lot more to come that will challenge your beliefs.” Alchemy! That was just one of the many skills his master had taught him. He had also memorized a vast array of immortal techniques. “How conceited!” Melody rolled her eyes at Nash. “Confidence and conceit are two different things,” Nash chuckled in response. “Alright, alright, you're the best. You'd better get on with your alchemy!” Melody reluctantly agreed. “It’s just a fact, isn’t it?” Nash muttered as he walked up to the Div

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