Chapter 547

The same principle applied. Elixir poison was weak and had little impact on a cultivator’s foundation. However, over time, if elixir poison accumulated too much, it could completely collapse a cultivator’s foundation. The medicinal pills produced by the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron could remove 100% of the toxins from medicinal pills, eliminating any concerns. It took Nash four hours to refine eight second-grade Rejuvenation Pills that could restore true energy. Just adjusting the flame had consumed 80% of his true energy. The eight translucent medicinal pills lay quietly in Nash’s palm. A satisfied smile played on Nash’s lips. Melody and Ken stared intently at the medicinal pills in Nash’s hand. “Are these... medicinal pills?” Melody’s mouth felt dry. The medicinal pills she had consumed before were like lumps of mud. Nash’s medicinal pills were crystal clear and emitted a delightful medicinal fragrance. “This is a top-grade Rejuvenation Pill, which can restore the peak state

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