Chapter 548

The basement communicator was similar to a walkie-talkie and could receive messages from the living room. Nash furrowed his brows and asked, “Did he say what he wanted?” “It seems like... he wants to discuss business with you,” Maria replied. “Alright, I’ll be right there,” Nash responded, concealing a sardonic smile. Discuss business? More likely, he was here to probe whether Nash had any dealings with the Watsons. Finn and Kai had taken the herbal medicine the previous night, and their vital signs had stabilized. There would not be any immediate issues. After melting all the medicines in the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron, Nash began controlling the elixir fire for tempering. This process would take an hour, providing him with enough time to meet with Duncan. Outside the villa, Duncan carried a box of expensive wines worth three million bucks. He was accompanied by an elderly man with sparse hair and dressed in an all-white suit who had a mischievous and devilish expression. At

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