Chapter 549

Today, he wanted to see just how temperamental Nash could be. “Well, there was no need to bring gifts!” Nash smiled faintly. Stretching out his hand, he took the wine and handed it to Maria. “A gift from the head of the Duersons’. Maria, please take care of it.” Sometimes, it would be wise to remain calm when one could and back off when necessary. With a Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouse present, Nash dared not provoke him. However, Duncan should know that if he pushed too far, even a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert could not save him. “I heard that you came to discuss business with me, Mr. Duerson?” Nash asked with his hands behind his back, wearing a casual smile. Duncan glanced at the living room of the villa and asked, “Mr. Nash, don’t you want to invite us in?” Nash smiled and stepped aside. “Please, come inside.” Duncan’s lips curved up slightly as he led the way with Boris following behind. Nash walked behind the two of them, his expression instantly turning gloomy. A M

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