Chapter 550

When a cultivator reached the Mystique Loyalty Realm, most of them would choose to live in seclusion in the deep mountains or travel the world. They would attempt to break through to the elusive Profound Oriental Realm. They would rarely move around in the mundane world. Boris had thought that he could walk with authority in Jonford, but he had not expected to encounter another cultivator of the same realm. Upon hearing Boris’ question, Nash’s previously tense heart relaxed. When the old man had used his spiritual power earlier, he must have sensed something unusual in the basement. The basement walls were made of a special titanium alloy, and what the old man sensed was likely the pressure emanating from the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron. He probably thought there was a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert here. Thinking about it, Nash smiled faintly and said, “If you’d like to make an acquaintance, I can introduce you.” If there really was a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert present in the ho

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