Chapter 551

After each refinement, a Rejuvenation Pill was required to restore true energy. A day passed quickly, and after a good night's sleep, Melody felt refreshed. Then, she went and picked up Hera from work as she usually did. Melody had not driven her white Maserati for a long time. Getting into the driver's seat, she put on her sunglasses, started the engine, and released the handbrake before pressing the accelerator. The car shot forward. Just as the car was out of the villa, she braked abruptly, and the car's rear swerved as she executed a perfect drift. She then immediately shot forward. Suddenly, there was the sound of the emergency brake being engaged and a loud crash. Melody had hit an old man who went flying backward like a kite with a broken string. "Oh no!" Melody's face went pale. She flung open the door hastily and went toward the old man. "Ow…" The old man looked disheveled with his gray hair and his black cloth shoes as he curled up on the ground, groaning and holdin

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