Chapter 552

At Baroque, Hera bid farewell to the suppliers who had come to reassemble the server room. With a smile on her face, Lori said, "It's fortunate they had ready-made motors and components. Based on the current progress, we should be able to start in about three days!" The photolithography machines at Baroque were all ancient, and it had become quite challenging to find motors of the same power on the market. However, this supplier happened to have a batch of old motors awaiting processing. Their model and power fully supported Baroque's old photolithography machines. "Yes, even the heavens seem to be helping us!" Hera's charming face beamed with a smile. Glancing at the time, Lori noticed it was already seven in the evening. She remarked, "Ms. Lewis, it's time to leave. You've had quite a tiring day; go home and rest!" Hera gave Lori a meaningful look. “Seeing how you’re in such a hurry to leave, could it be because you have a date?" Lori seemed a bit preoccupied today, and Hera

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