Chapter 553

“A fall from such a height would be so gruesome!" Clamor continued to echo outside when a convoy of luxury cars slowly drove in from outside the building. Walter and Queenie stepped out of a Rolls-Royce simultaneously and glanced upward. There was concern on Queenie’s weary face as she muttered, "Why would Helena be so foolish?" Watson furrowed his brows tightly. He had not expected Nash to keep even Helena in the dark. Just then, Hera's and Melody's cars were parked by the roadside. Both of them got out and headed straight for the World Trade Tower. Hera dialed Helena's number, only to find her phone switched off. "Janson, will you be able to catch her if she jumps?" Walter asked the man standing beside him nervously. Helena was Kai's girlfriend, and she was a woman willing to risk her life to save him. She was absolutely qualified to marry into their family. He did not want to see Kai waking up separated from Helena. Janson shook his head. "If I were in my prime, I could, bu

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