Chapter 554

"Let's go." Duncan turned around and left. Boris chuckled. "You don't want to watch her jump?" Duncan smiled faintly. "If it were Hera, I might consider it, but this is Helena. Kai is dead, so her life isn't worth much. It'd be a waste of time watching her jump." He paused when he mentioned Hera. He turned to look toward the woman and Melody who were not far away. Nash would probably be distressed if he got Boris to get rid of them. Boris followed his gaze and immediately guessed what he was thinking. "Are you thinking of having me eliminate them?" he asked with a laugh. Duncan turned back briefly before continuing forward. "I did have that thought, but it's unnecessary. What use am I if I were to get you to do everything?" He wanted to seek revenge on Nash using his own methods. "You have your power, and I have my tricks. It's a matter of whether your fists or my brain are more effective." The more Boris observed Duncan, the more he appreciated him. He was on par with the stra

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