Chapter 54

Nash's gloves were covered with blood. He turned to look at the nurses and said, "Prepare for a blood transfusion." Since the Watsons had prepared a separate ward for the madam, they must also have a supply of her blood type prepared as well. Not daring to dally, a nurse immediately went to the safe and took out two bags of blood while another rushed about looking for gauze and surgical tools. This doctor was too sudden with his instructions. He was going to start an operation without saying much. The Watsons looked worried. Queenie walked up to her grandfather and asked in a low voice, "Grandpa, are you really not worried about this guy performing surgery on Grandma?" What Nash did with her grandmother’s wrist using the scalpel just now did not look like a normal operation at all. "Then why don't you treat her illness?" Walter frowned and glared at Queenie. Although Nash's treatment method was a little unusual, he had at least identified these parasitic bugs that the X-ray ha

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