Chapter 55

Bone was hard, yet how did this doctor manage to suture it as if it were foam? The shock quickly wore off since they were also shocked when Nash opened the skull earlier. Craniotomies conducted in hospitals required professional cutting tools, but this man had easily cut open the old lady's skull with a scalpel. His actions were smooth too. "Administer the analgesic! Once this bag of blood is transfused, switch to a bag of regular saline.” Nash took off his bloodied gloves and walked up to Walter with a tray full of white bugs. "All the parasitic bugs in the old lady's body have been removed. If all goes well, she'll wake up tonight.” "R-Really?” Walter was shocked, and his eyes were instantly wet. Nash nodded. "I can wait for her to wake up before I leave.” Walter had not been wrong at all to spend the hundred million on this medical expense. Even though Nash was someone who had saved countless lives, it still took him three hours to locate all the bugs given how many there

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