Chapter 56

Queenie stopped abruptly as she was making her way to the door. She turned around and whined, "Grandpa, I haven't finished my homework yet..." She would rather kill herself than make tea for Nash. Walter snorted coldly. "When have you ever done homework?" Queenie studied at a private school that belonged to the family. There, she was treated like a princess. She almost never did homework. Nash crossed his legs and said lightly, "I’d like some Earl Grey." Queenie glared at him. "I see you’re taking advantage of the situation, huh?” Walter's face turned cold. "Don't be rude!" Her lips curled into a sneer, and she reluctantly brought out the tea leaves to make tea. When she opened the drawer, she found the laxative that Kai had used to teach his subordinates a lesson. Nash was sitting on the sofa and chatting with Brian when he suddenly heard Queenie giggling. He raised a brow, on high alert. Queenie soon came over with two cups of tea. She placed one cup in front of Nash bef

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