Chapter 57

Walter was ecstatic and ran to the elevator while Queenie followed closely behind. As soon as she entered the elevator, she frowned. The moment the elevator reached the fourth floor, Queenie ran out while clutching her stomach. Nash took a sip of his tea slowly and muttered, "The laxative works quite quickly.” "Huh?" Brian thought he had been talking to him. Nash shook his head. "It's nothing. We should go.” Brian smiled and replied, "You haven’t received your consultation fee.” "You’re right. Let’s wait a little more, then.” "Grandmaster, were those really parasitic bugs?” "Probably, but I’m not sure what kind they are.” Nash studied holistic medicine and knew little of parasitic bugs. He would not have used surgery to remove those parasitic bugs otherwise. "Can't we find out what they are using medical equipment?" Brian asked again. "There are many types of parasitic bugs. There are regular parasitic bugs and abnormal parasitic bugs. The abnormal kinds have special abiliti

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