Chapter 58

”Yes, Sir!” replied the old housekeeper before walking away with the tray. Nash sighed to himself. He put a hand over his heart and said, "Since the madam is awake, I shall not bother you anymore. You may contact me anytime if she feels unwell.” Walter mirrored his action and replied, "Of course.” Nash led Brian as they left the villa. Walter personally sent the two of them off from the manor. On the roadside by the manor, the old butler poured a bottle of alcohol into the tray and then lit it aflame. Brian felt a little regretful. The Traditional Medicine Association rarely came by parasitic bugs. If they had been able to take them back for research, it would have allowed them to make a breakthrough in holistic medicine in the field of parasitic bugs. After accompanying the two men outside the manor, Walter put his hand over his chest again and said, “This is where we part. I have to go back and take care of my wife.” Nash and Brian nodded with a smile. Just as Walter was abo

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