Chapter 556

Duncan raised his glass and took a calm sip before gesturing for the bodyguard to step back. He had noticed Melody at the scene and was not surprised that she had managed to save Helena. “Boris, you mentioned you have a friend coming to Jonford, right? When will he arrive? I'll prepare a feast for him!' Duncan said. “He should be here in a few days. He went to settle an old feud recently," Boris responded. “Does he have any interests or hobbies?' Duncan asked with a slight smile. “Nothing special. He likes beautiful young girls, particularly those who haven't been in a relationship before,” Boris replied somewhat helplessly. “Hahaha! Leave it to me. I promise your friend will have an unforgettable time!' Duncan laughed heartily. Boris' friend was also a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert. How was Nash supposed to go up against him when he had two of them together? At Royal Bay, Melody arrived at Nash's basement with Helena. When Helena saw Kai lying on the bed, she immediately reache

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