Chapter 557

“So, Kai likely knew something, which would explain why Duncan wanted to get rid of him. Impressive!” Nash murmured, amazed by the reveal. He then turned to Hera and asked, "Hera, how many chip companies are there in Jonford?" "Currently, there are only three companies capable of producing mainstream chips—Splendor, Innovative, and Baroque,” Hera replied. Nash continued, "What’s the relationship between Splendor and the Duncan family?" While it was confirmed that Duncan had hired someone to start the fire, a thorough investigation was needed to reveal every detail. Duncan would not have personally set the fire himself. That said, both Innovate Collective and Splendor employees might have been willing to cause Baroque trouble. "I'm not sure. I rarely pay attention to these two companies. I'll ask a friend to find out," Hera responded. "No need. When Kai wakes up, the truth will be revealed." Nash chuckled. Kai must know many of Duncan's secrets, which would explain why Duncan wou

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