Chapter 558

The next day arrived. After being informed by Maria that Nash had not left the basement since the day before to eat or drink, Hera felt her heart break. Thus, she was now carrying a meal down to the basement for him. While she did not understand alchemy, she was certain that Nash's prolonged work on it must have exhausted him. Not eating all day would have certainly worn his body down. When she pushed open the basement door, Hera caught a whiff of a refreshing herbal aroma. She spotted Nash sitting cross-legged on the cold floor with his eyes closed. "Honey?" Hera called out playfully. Nash slowly opened his eyes, his bloodshot irises catching Hera's attention. Hera felt her heart seize as she rushed over, her voice trembling. "Your... Your eyes..." Nash softly smiled. "I'm fine. I just haven’t gotten any sleep for too long.” His red eyes were the result of excessive usage of his Third Eye, but he brushed it off with a casual excuse to prevent Hera from worrying. Hera placed the

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