Chapter 560

"Oh, that works! Sacrificing the chariot to protect the general. Why didn't I notice that earlier?" exclaimed someone nearby. "The young lass is quite good!" "Young people have clearer minds than us!" "Isn't she the newcomer, Hera Lewis?" "Hera Lewis? Who's that? I've never heard of her." "You're really uninformed. She's the president of Baroque Group. Don't you know how powerful they are now?" The King of Chess looked at Hera with surprise and chuckled. "Young lady, you play chess too?" Hera nodded and smiled. "My dad likes playing chess, and I've been learning from him since I was little. I was even the runner-up in the Youth Somerland Chess Championship!" Although she did not win the championship, she received an award at the very least. She became quite famous at school because of that. Hera glanced at Helena as she said this. On the day of the competition, she drank the beverage Helena had given her. She ended up with an upset stomach the entire day because of that and ha

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