Chapter 561

He had to make a decision between the pawn and the horse. The man in white's face grew increasingly solemn. The pawn that he had so painstakingly got across was about to be lost. After several more rounds of back and forth, the man in white was left with only a general, a cannon, and two pawns. "The game is set. Hahaha!" Old Malley laughed heartily. The man in white had been winning these past few days. Finally, today, he lost. He took out a handful of crumpled banknotes from his pocket and gave Old Malley 50 bucks. "That’s enough for today anymore. Another day perhaps!" The man in white then stood up, grabbed his long sword, and left. The group of old men gave Hera a thumbs-up while Old Malley was still laughing heartily. "Young lady, you've given us some relief today!" Hera chuckled and replied, "You flatter me. I'm just afraid I might have offended the old gentleman just now. Do you have a good relationship with him?" Old Malley shook his head in response. "I don't know him.

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