Chapter 563

Skadi placed the duck meat that was a specialty of Xanthalos on the table. "This is a specialty from Xanthalos, handmade by my best friend!" Seeing Skadi looking upset, Hera could not help but ask, "What happened? Did someone try to scam you with the car accident?" Skadi plopped down on the sofa frustratedly. "Yes, that old man tried to extort 80,000 dollars from me!" Hera could not help but find it amusing. "You got scammed? Aren’t you the kind of person who would’ve sent him straight to the Inspection Office?" Skadi's temper was not to be trifled with. There were only a few of the wealthy second-generation elites in Jonford who dared to provoke her. "I was speeding, and Royal Bay is filled with surveillance cameras. Sending him to the Inspection Office would only backfire on me, "Skadi replied helplessly. Helena sipped her medicine and asked, "Don't you have a dashcam?" Skadi only noticed Helena's presence then, and her expression turned cold. However, she noticed a signal fro

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