Chapter 564

Being best friends and given their past experiences, Skadi did not want to be too direct in her words. Still, she felt the need to give Hera some gentle reminders. "With everything going on recently, let's talk about this after things settle down," Skadi suggested. Hera nodded, keeping her head low. She only felt comfortable discussing these matters with Skadi. Glancing at the time, Skadi said, "I have to go back to the school. Remember to try the duck I brought. The flavor is absolutely incredible!" Hera escorted Skadi to the door and then left in her car. Skadi slowed down after covering some distance, her eyes watching both sides of the road vigilantly. She was thankful that the elderly man was not around. In the basement, Nash was done preparing the medicine and was now cleaning up the residuals beside the cauldron while Melody reported her findings to him. "The higher-ups at Splendor have no connections with the Duerson family! They also don’t take domestic orders, so Baroqu

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