Chapter 565

Walter was so stricken that he dropped the teacup in his hand on the ground. At the same time, he felt extremely uneasy. There were only two possibilities for Nash to be calling him. Either Kai had woken up or he had failed to make it. Walter did not even have the courage to ask. "Mr. Watson, who's the real owner of Splendor Microchips?" "S-Splendor?" Walter was somewhat stunned but also relieved. At least Nash did not tell him that Kai had passed. "I'm not very sure. I only recall the owner being from Mandora.” "Your nephew, Louis, is the regional manager at Splendor, right?" "Yes. Did he offend you, Dr. Calcraft? I'll have him come over to apologize to you right away!" Walter said eagerly. "That's not necessary. Just take control of him for a few days. If someone calls looking for him, just have him make up an excuse. Just make sure nobody finds out that he's under your control!" Nash said solemnly. Walter agreed without hesitation. After ending the call, Nash went back to

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