Chapter 566

“U-Uncle…” The woman trembled as goosebumps erupted across her body. She nearly collapsed to the ground. Louis’ eyes widened as he immediately felt himself sobering up. He clapped his hands against his legs, which were shaking uncontrollably. Walter was here. There was no doubt he had heard everything he had just said. Oh no… Was Walter really going to ignore the fact they were family and kill him? “You’re my nephew. Do you think you can escape paying your respects to me after I die?” Walter spoke in a cold voice. However, he felt an unbearable sadness within him. Louis was his nephew. He had bought him luxurious cars and mansions and provided his children access to the best education available. He also gave him over ten million dollars per year as year-end dividends. Yet, in the end, he had said such treacherous things. What a traitorous brat. “U-Uncle… I-I-I…” The aura that emanated from Walter was truly something else. Louis could not even form a comple

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