Chapter 567

Walter spoke calmly. Both George and Janson had been working for him for years. He never had to worry when these two were put in charge. The men who had been sent to spy on him were a threat to him. They deserved to die! The mastermind behind all this was most probably Duncan Duerson, whom Nash had been suspecting all this while. George felt moved. “Thank you, sir!” Walter ended the call and slammed his palm against the table. Louis and his wife had been standing nearby nervously, and they both fell to their knees in fright. Walter’s eyes narrowed as he turned to Louis. “Be honest with me, Louis. Did you have anything to do with the fire at Baroque Group?” Baroque Group’s server room had caught on fire a couple of days ago. Splendor Microchips was also one of the three largest microchip manufacturing companies in Jonford. If that fire had been set by business enemies, that narrowed the list down to either Innovate Collective or Splendor Microchips. Since Nash ha

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