Chapter 568

Those who had helped Duncan source the other pictures turned their heads the other way. They were afraid they might vomit. Ten minutes later, Duncan returned the golf club to the security guard. After cleaning his glasses, he read out the names of the women he had chosen, “Luna Goodheart, Raine Lovelace, Jessie Yancey!” The bodyguard nodded and then summoned someone to begin cleaning the room. Just then, a knock rang out. Duncan said calmly, “Come in!” A tall bodyguard walked in and said, “Sir… We’ve received news from Splendor Microchips that Melody Stone met with one of the company’s higher-ups today!” “Who did she meet?” Duncan asked calmly. “Walter Watson’s nephew… Louis Watson…” “Haha… That woman’s a smart one for getting Walter’s family to investigate Splendor Microchips!” A sneer appeared on Duncan’s face as he spoke. “What should we do now? Should we try getting rid of Louis Watson?” the bodyguard asked in a low voice. “Melody will definitely tell Nash ev

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