Chapter 569

SDuncan flew out of the window. He spat blood from his mouth after landing on the ground. Holy shit!!! That was so harsh! Duncan lay on the ground for a moment trying to catch his breath. Boris walked over to the window and asked calmly, “Are you alright?” Duncan struggled to his feet and made an 'OK' sign before he stumbled away. Boris shook his head. “I have no idea what’s so wonderful about women…” When he finished his sentence… A piercingly cold aura flashed through the air. Boris raised his arms and threw a punch. When the two forces collided, all the glass in the mansion shattered. A dark shadow materialized before the mansion and then jumped onto the roof. It suspended itself upside down, its legs curled around the railing as it stared Boris in the face. "Long time no see, my man Boris!” “Swordsman! Back so soon?” Boris smiled as he spoke. He had already known it was The Swordsman when he saw that glint. “Just a minion who had barely achieved Mystiq

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