Chapter 570

Boris felt slightly less indignant after hearing what The Swordsman had to say. Since The Swordsman was still unable to execute his seventh stab, it meant his abilities were still not on par with that of someone who was halfway to breaking through the Profound Oriental Realm. However, come to think of it, were there that many experts who had managed to break through the Profound Oriental Realm? “I’m going to find a young woman I can use to satisfy my urges. I’ll see you tomorrow…” The Swordsman said as he turned to leave. “National Martial Bureau employees have been stationed at Jonford recently. Keep an eye out for them…” Boris said. “National Martial Bureau? What are they doing at Jonford?” An ugly look appeared on The Swordsman’s face. He would not be able to travel as he pleased if National Martial Bureau employees were here. He could have no fear of the National Martial Bureau back at the Black Wind Mountains, but since he was on foreign territory now, he did not dar

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