Chapter 571

The Swordsman trembled all over. A look of boundless longing appeared in his eyes. Yet this frenzy quickly disappeared. Then, he laughed coldly. “So what about the Youngs? In the end, weren’t they also reduced to dust?” The Youngs were a legendary existence, an immortal family that had been around since ancient times… Even so, they could not escape the changes of time. Suddenly, Boris asked, “Where do you think those unparalleled experts of the Youngs have gone?” The Swordsman’s face changed slightly, and he looked at Boris in shock. “What do you know?” As soon as he finished speaking, The Swordsman turned his head to look into the dark distance. Boris also raised his eyes to look over. In the dark night, a figure in white martial arts attire stood out prominently. He held a sword in his hand. Raising his head, he watched the two of them. The Swordsman slowly reached out to draw his sword. Boris held The Swordsman’s hand down, speaking calmly. “If we make a move, we'll su

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