Chapter 573

Only he himself knew how lethal that poison was. At that time, he could clearly feel his wounds festering and his internal organs burning. The pain was so intense that it made being alive feel worse than death. He thought he was surely going to die. Yet, unexpectedly, Mr. Nash saved him. Furthermore, he underwent a complete transformation. His appearance had been significantly enhanced. “Let’s go out first, so as not to disturb Nash,” Yasmin whispered. Finn nodded and walked out with light steps. Once outside the basement, Finn took a deep breath of fresh air and stretched, exclaiming, “The feeling of being alive... Damn, it’s too good!” With her arms crossed, Melody pouted and said, “What a pity... you actually survived!” Finn was startled and then glared at Melody irritably. “Can’t you say anything nice? If you can’t, then don’t say anything at all!” Was she actually regretting that he survived? It seemed like she really wished for him to die! Indeed, as the saying went—h

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