Chapter 574

“Duncan Duerson?” Mireille frowned slightly. “I attended the Duersons’ patriarch’s birthday banquet with my grandfather before, and I don’t seem to recall seeing you there.” Duncan gave a wry smile. “I’m an adopted son taken in by the Duersons. I’m not well-regarded within the family, and they've never allowed me to participate in the old man’s birthday banquet.” Mireille became even more puzzled. “Then why would the Duersons pass the position of the family head to you?” “Because the Duersons offended a very powerful person, and they feared a catastrophic downfall. So, they divided the old man’s assets and fled abroad, leaving the position of the family head to me.” Duncan explained with a bitter and aggrieved expression. Mireille turned away to continue preparing the medicine. The affairs of large families were indeed complicated, and she did not want to delve too deeply. As for Duncan’s words, she only half-believed them. “So, Ms. Tanner, are you willing to give me a chance

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