Chapter 575

Duncan was overjoyed. After enjoying a hearty meal and drinks, The Swordsman chuckled and asked, “Duncan... Boris mentioned you prepared some women for me?” Duncan smiled slightly, took a phone from the security guard, and handed it to The Swordsman. “Godfather, please see if they meet your satisfaction…” Upon receiving the phone and glancing at it, The Swordsman’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “They're much prettier than the ones I can find myself…” Duncan laughed heartily. “Tonight, you must enjoy yourself thoroughly, Godfather!” After saying this, he instructed the bodyguards to take The Swordsman for a good time. ... At the Lee family's residence, Olivia had already received the news of Luna’s disappearance. She organized a large number of people to investigate and search for Luna. The Inspection Office cooperated with them vigorously as well. However, they found no clues throughout the night. The next morning, Olivia hesitated before calling Nash. Nash had just admini

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