Chapter 577

How could such a powerful figure appear in Royal Bay? Was he friend or foe? Just as Nash stepped on the brakes, the screen on his phone showed that the black commercial vehicle had already started moving. “Alan, check the navigation of that car!” “Okay!” In ten seconds, a navigation page appeared on Nash’s phone. The destination was Meadow Valley outside Jonford. The wasteland for dumping bodies? Nash suddenly thought of this term, and his unease intensified. “Can you listen in on them?” “Yes!” Alan functioned like an omnipotent artificial intelligence. In a moment, the conversation inside the business car streamed through Nash’s phone. “Bro, these girls are so pretty. Should we have some fun with them?” “If Mr. Duerson finds out, we’ll get killed!” The mention of Mr. Duerson made the muscleman in the passenger seat shudder. After a moment of silence, he said, “Should you do it, or should I? I can’t bear to lay hands on such pretty girls.” The other replied indifferent

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