Chapter 578

Just then, Duncan’s phone rang. Picking it up, he saw it was from the top hacker he had hired at a high price. “Boss... Nash is tracking them down!” “What?” Duncan frowned instantly. “Didn’t you delete all the surveillance footage of the three girls?” “It seems... It seems that some computer expert restored the data!” The top hacker on the other end sounded panicked. He had never encountered such sophisticated methods. Moreover, he could not trace the IP address of the expert, nor could he hack into the car system of the Maserati Nash was driving. Suddenly, a ghost face appeared on his computer screen, followed by a total crash of all the computers in his studio. Even his phone communication was cut off. “Mr. Duerson... Hello there.” Nash’s mocking voice came through the phone. Duncan shuddered and immediately hung up. Nash knew such an incredible hacker? This was unacceptable! He could not let those three girls live. Otherwise, The Swordsman’s whereabouts would be expos

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