Chapter 579

The muscular man in the driver’s seat gritted his teeth. He swerved the steering wheel and crashed the car toward the bridge’s railing. “Mr. Grim Reaper, they’re going to fall into the water!” “I see it!” Nash’s Maserati drove along the far left lane. He noticed a cargo ship loaded with sand and soil in the river ahead. Accelerating, he drove a hundred meters, then turned the steering wheel. The Maserati broke through the railing and plunged toward the cargo ship. The car landed in the sand, and Nash pushed open the door, diving into the water. At the same time, the black commercial car also fell into the water. The two muscular men crawled out through the doors they had opened earlier, took out daggers, and swam toward the trunk. Failing to complete their mission would put their families in danger. In order to protect their families, they decided to kill the three girls and then end their own lives. They exerted a tremendous effort to open the trunk. Bubbles came out of th

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