Chapter 580

Jupiter's voice wasn't loud, but Nash, who was walking to the elevator, heard it. His hand that was about to press the elevator button stiffened slightly. Lori Lynch? Could it be Baroque's Lori Lynch? The image of the beautiful woman who tried to flirt with him when he first started working at Baroque flashed through his mind. It must be a coincidence! Nash took a deep breath and pressed the elevator button. He was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. As he stepped into the elevator and the doors were about to close, Jupiter's voice rang out again, “I remember now, that woman was the HR manager of Baroque. I saw her at the site when Baroque's server room caught fire a few days ago…” Nash's heart skipped a beat. He had already tried hard to come up with excuses for himself and had not dared to ask for details. Yet now, the thing he least wanted to happen had occurred. Nash composed himself and strode toward Jupiter. “Chief Holt, let me see the photo…” Jupiter handed h

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