Chapter 581

It looked like it had just been bought not long ago. Angelica opened the car door and politely said, "Mr. Calcraft, after you.” "Thank you.” Nash smiled and got into the car. Angelica got into the driver's seat and instructed, "Remember to fasten your seat belt.” Nash obediently did as told. Angelica drove the car out of the Inspection Office. Nash thought about the case regarding Luna and the three other girls that Angelica was in charge of. Curious to know about it, he asked, “What did you find out at Garden of Heavenly Delights?" Awkwardness took over Angelica. "I couldn't find anything. The owners and managers there all denied seeing those three girls. They also deleted the surveillance footage. It’s most absurd that we can't figure out when those three girls went to the Garden of Heavenly Delights!" Nash leaned back and closed his eyes to rest. Based on what Luna and the two other girls had revealed, they went to the Garden of Heavenly Delights because their families were

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