Chapter 582

The security guard smiled faintly and asked, "Do you have a search warrant?" Angelica furrowed her eyebrows slightly and asked sternly, "Are you trying to obstruct law enforcement?" "Oh no, not at all!" "May I ask, what kind of enforcement are you here for? Are you here to arrest or to detain someone? If you have a warrant for arrest or detention, I'll definitely let you in! If you don't have those, you need to present to us a search warrant. "If you have neither, then you're trespassing on private property!" The security guard looked at Angelica playfully as he revealed his knowledge of legal matters. Unable to refute him, Angelica turned to Nash, saying, "I can't help you either." Nash just said to the security guard calmly, "Tell Duncan Duerson that Nash Calcraft is here to visit." The security guard glanced at Nash and casually said, "The boss isn't here." The moment he said that, Nash's hand was already around his neck. "I'll say it again, notify Duncan that Nash is her

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