Chapter 588

"He's about the same age as me. It’s weird calling him grandmaster! He might think I’m making him feel old by calling him that!" Mireille possessed a strong sense of self-esteem. Calling someone of the same age as her grandmaster did not sit right with her at all. Brian looked up at Mireille and smiled meaningfully. "Could it be that you've taken a liking to him?” "What nonsense! I've only met him once. How could I possibly have feelings for him? Besides, he already has a family, right?" Mireille glared at her grandfather with irritation. She had already admitted once before that Nash’s looks met her standards. Not only that, he also possessed incredible medical skills, was calm and composed in his actions, and had a straightforward personality. Such a man was undeniably attractive to her, but not to the extent of winning her heart. Moreover, Nash already had a wife, so having any such thoughts would be inappropriate. "Aren't you even a bit interested in that boy from the Lowel

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