Chapter 589

Nash grinned shamelessly. Then, he hugged Hera's waist and said, "I still have a few Rejuvenation Pills. Once I sell them and make some money, I'll buy you a new car!" A glint appeared in Melody’s eyes when she heard him say 'Rejuvenation Pills'. She looked at Hera sweetly and asked, "What kind of car do you like, Hera? I’ll buy it for you!" Rejuvenation Pills were not something that money could easily buy. Hera chuckled. "I was just joking. I still have several cars in my company!" Melody said seriously, “There’s no need to be so polite. A car isn't worth much. I can buy several cars with just a day's salary!" Finn leaned in, grinning. "Hey rich lady, get me one too?" "Stay on the sidelines!" Melody raised her fist. "The money we earned from the King of Medicine's tomb isn't enough for your extravagance. I heard from Ken that you even took his share!" "I'm holding it for Ken. I’ll just give it to him when he asks for it. Doesn’t that work?" Finn smiled and looked at Ken. Each

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