Chapter 590

Hera was puzzled when she saw that the HR manager was calling her. Lori usually handled issues from the HR department. Why would Riley contact her when she was the CEO? Hera answered the phone with a cold tone. "Supervisor Yard, is there something you need?" Riley stammered nervously, "Ms. Lewis... Ms. Lynch, she... She..." Whether it was due to nervousness or another reason, Riley seemed to have a hard time articulating her words properly. Brows furrowed, Hera asked, "What happened to Ms. Lynch?" "S-She's dead!" Hera froze as if struck by lightning. Lori was dead? How... How could this be? Just last night, she had sent pictures of herself being all affectionate. Today was not April Fools' Day, and it was not her birthday either. There was no reason for them to play a prank on her. Hera trembled, her lips quivering. She was unable to speak. Riley continued, "The officers from the Inspection Office have arrived. Ms. Lewis, would you like to come and take a look?" Hera staggered

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