Chapter 592

Nash slapped his forehead. "You'd better keep an eye on your sister. I don't want to see rumors about me in the news tomorrow!" Two grown men, shirtless, on a video call. From the mouth of a woman who loved gossip, who knew how the information would be twisted? Fabian did not bother with Nash's previous question. He just ended the call before getting up to give chase to Violet. ... In Hera's office at Baroque Group, Jupiter and Angelica sat by the coffee table. The forensic examination results were in. Before her death, Lori had suffered assault from at least three individuals in succession. She was not strangled. Instead, she underwent surgery without anesthesia and died from pain. Hera trembled as she held the photos of the harm that had been inflicted on Lori. She could imagine the ordeal she went through before her death. Melody held Hera and comforted her. "Don't cry. We should find the murderer and get justice for her.” Though she considered herself to be quite level-heade

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