Chapter 593

Angelica quickly followed him, and away they went. Their steps were fast, so much so that they almost collided with Lauren and Harrison who had rushed over. "Captain Holt, how's it going? Have you found the murderer?" Lauren asked, panting. "We've identified three suspects. We'll immediately apprehend them!" Jupiter replied. "Good, you must punish the murderer severely!" Lauren said indignantly. Jupiter and Angelica left quickly. ... In the chairman’s office of Outstanding Culture Broadcasting Company, a bespectacled and refined man was browsing through some adult content. The female lead was none other than Lori. The video had garnered over five million views, with 48,000 paying viewers. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Horace swiftly closed the website and cleared his browsing history. Putting on a despondent expression, he said, "Come in." Jupiter entered the room accompanied by two undercover officers. After showing their credentials, Jupiter said, "Horace Solo, y

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