Chapter 594

Salvatore stood up slowly from his chair and looked at the tall figure at the door. "Go and bring Geordi and Sorn here.” The tall figure scratched his head and said with a simplistic smile, "Salvatore, they didn't come to work today." Salvatore grabbed the landline phone on the table and made a call. When the call connected, he smiled and asked, "Hey you, is Geordi at home?" "Salvator, isn't that guy at work?" The woman on the other end of the line sounded a bit annoyed. Salvatore chuckled. “He might have gone for a stroll. I'll go look for him!" After hanging up the phone, he dialed Sorn's home number and found out that he was also not at home. Salvatore looked at Angelica and asked, "Ms. White, this evidence you mentioned…” The people in the freight company were all simple villagers from the mountains. Although they lacked education, they knew that murder required the perpetrator to pay the price. Moreover, Salvatore had also often reminded them not to engage in illegal activi

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